Zulu kasahorow Day 0. Sonto. Febhewari 25, 2018
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Sawubona Obi & family
Namhlanje Usuku Afrika.
Start Learning In Isizulu Today
Start Learning In Isizulu Today

You grow if you learn something new.

Learning new words in isiZulu is a great way to start.

Start with "hello" in isiZulu: sawubona

  1. Then join a Facebook community for Zulu and start making friends. Click on the Facebook icon on Zulu kasahorow to get started.
  2. Learn more about Isizulu at kasahorow.org/zulu.

You can learn something new in Isizulu, every week.

isiZulu-English Exercise

  1. What is sawubona in English? _____________

Exercice isiZulu-français

  1. Qu'est-ce que sawubona en français? ______________

isiZulu-Deutsch Sprachübung

  1. Was ist sawubona auf Deutsch? ______________

Regards, Afia.

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